Federal Procurement Data

This page contains the data used in the paper Big G by Lydia Cox, Gernot Muller, Ernesto Pasten, Raphael Schoenle, and Michael Weber. Please cite this paper if you make use of these files.

The raw data are publicly available on the website USASpending.gov. The files provided on this page are cleaned and condensed into a more user-friendly format. If you have questions or requests for additional variables that are available in USASpending and would be useful for your research, please contact Lydia Cox at lydia(dot)cox(at)wisc(dot)edu.

Base Files: contain separate .csv files for transaction-level data by year (2001-2023)   [Download (.zip file)][NOTES]

Time Series: contain contract obligations aggregated to the monthly level by sector or state.   [NAICS-2 Sectors][States][NOTES]